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DragginFly II
Works best on: Drag Race
Here's a timed thruster dragster design. It's capable of 18.8 seconds but only is designed for lane 1. Note... it's a vmf file only (the internals are secret until I beat Jasper over on New Europa) but closely observing it's behaviour will reveal it's secrets. Thruster timing is key!
Download DragginFly II! Reptile

Works best on: Drag Race
I'm not certain that this is going to win, but I think you'll like it.
Download Dragula! Thalacos

Carpet Cleaner
Works best on: Hallway Race
I think this one has a good chance at winning. More so than the one above.
Download Carpet Cleaner! Thalacos

Dragon Kiss 2
Works best on: Drag Race
Just a follow up on my previous racer, I was able to get under the 23 sec mark....22.9 seconds. hehe Anyway, submitting the new racer. DragonKiss2. This one may use a bug, doesn't look like it though.

I had to reverse the engines so that the bot started as far back as possible, once it stops bouncing I stop the engines, then accelerate forward just before the green light. It gets awfully close to the screen at the finish line, you can see the reverse thrust go through it briefly. Had to have accuracy at the thousandths (.05) to do it though. You might need version 1.05 with the new divide functions to get it running though.
Download Dragon Kiss 2! RingZero
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