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Works best on: Evasion
Swifty is an Evasion rover, he does an ok job as long as the opponent isn't moving to fast. Better agains hovers than wheels.
Download Swifty! Rick Ernst

Works best on: Pursuit
Troopa is a pursuit Wheeled rover. Not too shabby, but tends to get stuck in corners sometimes.
Download Troopa! Rick Ernst

Works best on: Hot Patato
Here's my entry in the hot potato contest. It's currently 2 and 1, but it lost only to Zoom, which might prove to be the baddest competator. It's a small wheeled vehicle called Mike_TaterHater. It sports 4 radar with almost full coverage. Its seeking tactics are very good, but its evasion tactics are lacking in the corners.
Download TaterHater! Mike C Jolley

Works best on: Maze
This Maze Crawler operates by hugging the wall to its right until it reaches the exit. Depending on the layout of the maze, its times have varied between 46 seconds and 108 seconds. It isn't especially bright, but it does the job pretty smoothly.
Download MazeCrawler3! James Sterrett