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Works best on: All Sumo Scenarios
TubbyD is a Sumo Hover. He plays a defensive game that will win sometimes, but frankly he's not that great. A little rework is scheduled for Tubby.
Download TubbyD! Rick Ernst

DeVore Evasive
Works best on: All Sumo Scenarios
A little experiment. It doesn't do anything offensive, it just sits there and waits for the other to attack, then tries to evade. Needs quite some tweaking, this is a first setup though it does win quite often :).
Download D-Evasive! DeVore

Works best on: Sumo Hover
Nothing Hokey, just stays on the mat.
Download Sumo_Orbiter! Tim Barnett

Works best on: King of the Galaxy
It is a very good close quarters rocket dodger deesigned to beat NINJ's newest KotG rover and everyone else.
Download Weasal! UBeR