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Arachnid 3
Works best on: All Battle Scenarios
This is the Arachnid as it was designed to work-the earlier versions were written for the Beta and some changes in the variable component kept them from working correctly. This treaded vehicle uses a single sonar for navigation, sports a rotating radar to find its opponents, and uses a simple, but effective, tactic for keeping itself locked on the target. Does best in open areas such as Word War I, but also does okay in the Quarry since radar and lasers can go through walls.
Download Arachnid 3! Daniel Bryant

Works best on: All Battle Scenarios
According to Morgan it spins around and fires four lasers.
Download Repulser! Morgan Quirk

Quad Radar
Works best on: ???
No description given. Lincoln, send me a description!! :-)
Download Quad Radar! Lincoln Quirk

JPC Quarry Monster I
Works best on: Quarry Battle
Small wheeled vehicle with medium engine, waypoint navigation system with dual sonar assisted steering, and IFF radar controlled quad lasers. This vehicle was designed to dominate the quarry. It's fast, smart, and deals big damage. The weapons system is simple, but links into a sophisticated navigation system. This vehicle races through the waypoints, avoiding walls, and occasionally even stopping to fire repeatedly on a slow moving enemy vehicle. Plan on spending some time untangling the wiring job!
Download! Jeff Carey

Works best on: Word War I / Boom Boom Room
Microbeastie is a tiny battle rover with treads and a pair of lasers. He's not to bad in open, small areas like Word War or the Boom Room, but he doesn't deal well with obstacles. Still, he's managed to beat larger Rovers like Arachnid2.
Download Microbeastie! Rick Ernst
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