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Works best on: Word War One
Here is a WWI rover designed to show a bug in version 1.02. It will move out of the way of incoming missiles and return the favor with the business end of some lasers. The thing is not good at all against lasers itself but makes a good WWI rocket launcher target because it's pretty fast for a large tread tank. Note, I am informed the bug this tank employs will no longer work in version 1.04 and so, neither will the tank work properly!
Download WarpMode! Reptile

Works best on: Battle
Work`s in the same mode all the time, the mode would be ,,randomize,, mode, because it searches out the enemy by randomly generated numbers. The code is quite fuzzy, cuz i`m a beginner at mindrover. Otherwise it`s not the softest opponent. Work`s fine in Rocket Arena and World War perhaps.
Download Stalker! INC

Ship of the Line
Works best on: Boom Boom Room
This vehicle, which works best on battle scenarios, specifically Rocket Arena, is a variation on a turret theme. This Vehicle called Ship of the Line after the old sailing ships, rapidly navigates waypoints a-b-c-d- with an outward facing 5 lasers + 1 LR radar/IFF, the vehicle has a high survivability due to its high speed and healing capability (mush have health pack installed). The vehicle is designed to defeat the Cognitoy enemy (I've scored 5 kills in a row w/o a scratch and ive never had to use the healing capability), but works well against any hovercraft. Its only weaknesses are small 'seeker' craft and stray rockets, if you want to design good open area battle robot, try taking this guy on.
Download SotL! Andrew

Works best on: Boom Boom Room
Like a mongoose it strikes fast but keeps its distance.
Download Mongoose! UBeR

Banzai Bob
Works best on: Boom Boom Room & WW1
Very simple 6 or 7 wire bot, no math or logic. It circles, lunges, fires missles and vears off.
Download Banzai Bob! UBeR
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