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1 Radar Tracking
Works best on: JUST A TEST
This isn't a tutorial vehicle. Well it is but I mean it's to show you how to make a 1 radar tracking system. It include a text file on how Brad made it!
Download! Brad Wyble

One Radar Tracking
Works best on: JUST A TEST
Same thing as up there but this time made by Eric Ellingson! This too includes a text file on how he made it.
Download! Eirc Ellingson

Demo Vehicles
Works best on: DEMO
These are some demo rovers that people in forums have been asking about. There are two of them.
Download! Anarki

SW Target
Works best on: Testing Grounds
This is one of the first rovers i ever made and keep for a long time. It's basically an evasion / target that battle rovers can hunt and kill; It moves and keeps moving almost nomatter what. Full description is in Zip.
Download SW Target! Xyberviri