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Big Banzai Bob
Works best on: Boom Boom Room & WW1
Very simple 6 or 7 wire bot, no math or logic. It circles, lunges, fires missles and vears off.
Download Big BB! UBeR

Works best on: WW1
Seeyalaser is a large treaded bot that sacrifices speed and agility for sheer firepower. Its wiring is simple, yet it has no less than 8 lasers that makes quick work of opponents. Most vehicles are out in 2 shots. Youll need to make hit-and-run attacks to beat this rover.
Download Seeyalaser! Steve

Coherent Light
Works best on: Rocket Arena
Here's Coherent Light, a laser-heavy tracked rover for the Rocket Arena. It's not too mobile (although it does dodge rockets in a minor way), but it's got a pretty good target tracking system. Any thoughts on improving it's mobility would be appreciated by
Download Coherent Light! Carvos
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