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JPC Timed Dragster
Works best on: Drag Race
Small hovercraft loaded up with six thrusters. Single purpose vehicle designed to get the best possible time on the electric fence drag race. Reverses thrust with a timer which has been set to the longest possible thrust burn time based on experimentation. Finishes in 23.8 seconds without getting fried. Can you beat it?
Download T-Dragster! Jeff Carey

Speed Racer
Works best on: Drag Race
A dragster, does the course in 23.7 seconds using timed thrust.
Download Speed Racer! Alex Duran

Works best on: Drag Race
A 23.5 second dragster. This is a variant of the timed 6-thrust small hovercraft. Had a burning desire to beat the SpeedRacer submitted by Alex Duran / Marshall. Managed to find a quasi-bug, based off the wiggle-factor bug, and took advantage of it. Elsewise the best time i could manage was matching his 23.7 time. However, while doing testing, I believe it is possible to beat this racer, taking advantage of the same bug, by quite a margin. (" Give it a try. By the way... if you watch for a bit after the race completes, ya also get the bennie of watching this wiring mess commit hari-kari. ")
Download DragQueen! Kelly Lynch

Works best on: Drag Race
A 21.1 sec Dragracer. Well since DragQueen did 23.5 sec I began figuring on how to beat that. So after 1 hours testing I found the best way to get a tremendous speed, just bounce the right wall. This vehicle only work if you run it as Team 1 (the middle wall isn't a good bouncer =)). This is a Small hovercraft with 6 thrusts and built completely on timers. Bug or not I did beat the time didn't I =).
Download DragBuster! Ratler

Works best on: Hallway and Oval Team Race
Here is a very simple but fast design for racing Hallway and Oval Team Racer. Just use it two times for the team race. Beat my 12.8 sec in Hallway. Forget the Battleracers, speed rules.
Download Pete_Oval! Peter Sprenger
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