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Currently 5 vehicle(s) for download!

Welcome to the MUV! Here you can submit/download MindRover Vehicles. Enjoy your stay!
10.26.99 - News
MindRover has been released! Goto and order it!!

9.11.99 - Vehicle
2 more battle vehicles added!

9.10.99 - Vehicle
Daniel Bryant has sent in another battle vehicle. It's just a tweaked version of the first one but it's still another vehicle!

9.10.99 - Vehicle
Our first Race vehicle was sent in by Eric Ellingson! Thanx Eric! That brings the vehicle count up to 2!

9.9.99 - News/Vehicle
Updated the look of the page just a little bit... It's now blue :-)

Daniel Bryant has sent in a vehicle and it is now posted. Thanx Dan!

8.24.99 - News
The 2 vehicles that I did have on here are now deleted now that Beta3 has been released.

8.3.99 - News
Changed the rules of submitting vehicles a little bit because I am going to arrange the vehicles in different categories.

8.2.99 - News
Changed the layout of the page a little bit.

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