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The deadly Arachnid will make short work of most other vehicles with its powerful twin-mounted lasers. It's capable of navigating through varied terrain and once it finds its prey it fights to the death. Note: This vehicle should only be run if you have the Beta 3.1 patch (running it with 3.0 will likely result in a crash fairly quickly.) Also, current laser implementation allows for a very fast firing rate, so if you want to make sure that the rover 'fights fair' you might need to manually add a timed switch mechanism. Either that or try to use the lasers even faster than the spider does. Modifying the tick time for ShootnSpinTimer should also lower the firing rate.
Download Arachnid! Daniel Bryant

Arachnid 2
The new and improved Arachnid2 has been tweaked a little bit for better timing and also includes a laser recharge time of 2 seconds. This charge time can be easily modified, so let me know if you find a value that seems more fair. As with the previous version, all comments/suggestions are welcome.
Download Arachnid 2! Daniel Bryant

According to Morgan it spins around and fires four lasers.
Download Repulser! Morgan Quirk

Quad Radar
No description given. Lincoln, send me a description!! :-)
Download Quad Radar! Lincoln Quirk